Here We Are / Part 1 of “Heimatrilogie” (2017)

A theatrical encounter exploring the topic of „home“ by Sisyphos, der Flugelefant (SdF)

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Premiere on THURS 2.11.2017 | 20:00
Further Performances on FRI – SUN 3.-5.11. | 20:00
TAK – Theater im Aufbau Haus, Prinzenstr. 85 F, 10969 Berlin

Tickets 15 € / 10 € red.:
Reservation: 030-343 912 91 –

A sense of home emerges from the moment people come together: the reunion of those who already know each other, and the gathering of strangers, who share their ideas of home with each other.

“Here We Are” allows those moments to emerge. Each evening, the interconnection between audiences and performers brings a fleeting vision of home into being. Bodily movements intertwine with personal stories in a musical soundscape. The starting material is the intensive working experience of the intercultural theater group “Sisyphos, der Flugelefant” with young asylum seekers.

Since 2016, the group has been using artistic methods to foster direct encounters at an emergency shelter for refugees. These include images of „home“ painted with children by „home“-less Kurdish illustrator Naser Fathi, conversations about contradictory worlds held between young girls and Argentinian, Iranian and Taiwanese artists Natalia Torales, Maryam Helmzadeh, and Chang Nai Wen, as well as a musical collaboration on a tangible, but incomprehensible sense of „home“ by the Syrian Oud player Wassim Mukdad and the German pop music producer Michael Tibes.

Being together is challenging and always requires new approaches: how can we develop a choreography that gives space for those who want to dance but not allowed to do so? Are we making art or doing social work? And suddenly a question is asked: can you prevent my deportation?

The interactive scenario places the audience in the thick of those surprises and impositions. As the performance proceeds, the distance between protagonists and spectators diminishes. Through this ongoing encounter, the audience has the opportunity to immerse themselves directly into personal stories, wishes and fears.

SdF continues its mandate of exploring the pursuit of “home” through a global lens, using theatrical playgrounds. „Here We Are” is the first piece of the Home Trilogy – a series that asks the question: When we come from so many different places, can we create a home together?


Performance Kaveh Ghaemi, Natalia Torales Artistc Direction – Chang Nai Wen Music & Soundscape – Michael Tibes Dramaturgy, Set- & Costume Design – Ute Lindenbeck Video – Maryam Helmzadeh Drawing – Naser Fathi Light – Christian Maith Assistance – Nicole Mühlberg (Produktion management), Sarah Dziedzic (Stage management), Pauline Stockmann (Set- & Costume Design) Press – Barbara Gstalmayr

„Here We Are“ is a production by Sisyphos, der Flugelefant (SdF) in cooperation with TAK – Theater im Aufbau Haus and ZUsammenKUNFT, funded by the Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in the federal Republic of Germany.

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