The Berlin Wall Fell For Me, Too! (2014 Exhibition)

A video installation and talk about the Fall of the Berlin Wall from the perspectives of German immigrants and their descendants.

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25 years after the Fall of the Wall, we would like to know: How did immigrants and German of other descends experience this event? Do they feel they are a part of the “Volk”?

At 48 Hours Neukölln Festival, visitors can tell their own Berlin Wall stories, watch video interviews with the eyewitnesses and discuss with them.

Zeitraum: 28. und 29. Juni 2014 jeweils von 14 – 19 Uhr (Anwesenheit der Zeitzeugen jeweils von 14 – 16 Uhr)
im Büro des Quartiersmanagements Ganghoferstraße, Berlin

Artistic Direction Chang Nai Wen | Research and Interview Support: Michael Wäser | Camera and Edit Michael Tibes | Production Management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro | Production Assistance Theresa Pommerenke | Transcript Saskia Ottis und Nicole Mühlberg | English Translation Daniel Brunet | Graphic Design Paul Netzer

We would like to thank our Interview partners
Maria Julieta Yorge Barbeiro, Emine Bostanci, Fadim Bostanci, Nilay Bostanci, Jadranka Biljan, Qumar Diallo, Nilgün Kalkan, M. Kloos, Tamyo Leonard, Andre Meran, Suheer Saleh, Bosilyka Schedlich, Phan Huy Thao

“The Berlin Wall Fell For Me, too!” is part of the project “We Are the Play” from SdF in coproduction with English Theatre Berlin |International Performing Arts Center.

With the support from

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