The Berlin Wall Fell For Me, Too! (2014 Shortfilm)

A documentary short about the fall of the Berlin Wall from the perspectives of immigrants and Germans of other descends

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What “we” did we belong then, what “we” do we want to belong today?

During her many months of research, which was the base of the performance “We Are the Play, director Chang Nai Wen has conducted numerous interviews with people with different immigration backgrounds in Berlin. They shared their experiences on the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as the impact this event has oo their life. This short documentary shed some light on the German Reunification with a perspective which has been scarcely talked about.

World Premiere: 13/11/2014, 20:00, Babylon-Kino 3; 15/11/2014, 19:00, Babylon-Kino 2

This film will be screened in the following programmes at the Interfilm Festival in Berlin: Mauersegler Competition – Different Memories

Interviewpartners according to the order of their film appearance:
Suheer Saleh, Tamyo Leonard, Emine Bostanci, Nilgün Kalkan, Maria Julieta Yorge Barbeiro, Jadranka Biljan, Andre Meran, Phan Huy Thao, Maiko Kloos

Concept, Direction, Edit Chang Nai Wen | Interview and Research collaboration Michael Wäser | Camera, Edit und Re-Recording Mixer Michael Tibes | Re-Recording Mixer Takis Sariannidis | Assistance: Theresa Pommerenke | Transcript Saskia Ottis, Nicole Mühlberg and Winnie Wilka | Subtitle Jay Stern

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