The Past is Not Dead; It is Not even Past (2010)

An interactive non-verbal solo-Performance in search of the present self

“Where is the child that I was, still inside me or gone?” (by Pablo Neruda)

A woman discovers unexpectedly something long forgotten. She follows the traces excitedly and then she disappears. As she reappears, everything does not seem the same anymore_ Who are these people? Where am I? And, who are you?

Without using spoken language, the performance explores loss and the memories of that pure, unshakable childlike feeling of security, while questioning the truthfulness of memory. It decelerates our current hectic world in its quietness and makes room for the past. How does one arrive in a present in which the past is neither suppressed nor embellished? SISYPHOS, DER FLUGELEFANT entrusts its audience to be a witness to memory.


Premiere: 22.10.2010 at TiSCH
On Tour:
100° Festival at Hebbel am Ufer 3, Berlin
ARENA Festival, Erlangen
Luaga und Losna, FeldkirchConcept: SdF (Chang & Sanne)

Direction: Chang Nai Wen
Performance: Sandy Sanne
Music: Michael Tibes
Costume: Hanne van Tricht

A Production from SdF in collaboration with Theater im Schokohof (TiSCH)

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