The Absent Hero Leads the Way (2011)

A site-specific and participatory project, in which visitors become search-activists

„Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, that remains to be shown.“ (From “David Copperfield” by C. Dickens)

With a map and a riddle in their hands, a small new-found group begins their journey. Clues are everywhere but what do they look like? The group gets ahead with the help of some unknown people, calls, street ads, graffiti etc. On the way, they have some personal encounters with strangers and discover hidden oases in every second corner. In the spirit of the absent hero, they could make somebody happy by sending a present they receive on its own journey. If they want to, they could even become the heroes themselves at the end of their journey!

Idea: SISYPHOS, DER FLUGELEFANT (Chang, Klose, Gisbertz)
Concept, Producing Artistic Direction: Chang Nai Wen
Artistic Development and Coordination: Regina Gisbertz, Christian Klose, Mahela Rostek, Martina von Holn

A Production from SdF in coproduction with EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS!

Funded and supported by

With friendly support from Arzu Adak, Gabrielle Bergsdorf, Kevin Chen, Monika Dargatz, Martin Gorecki, Tanja Henrich, Johanna Malchow, Sigrid Pohl-Häußler, Anne Rauch, Susanne Rubarth, Brigitte Struzyk, Carola Visser, Michael Wäser, Matthias Wernicke, Sonia, Michael Tibes, Pinar Uksul, Berno, Edeltraut P. & T. O’Hara v. bernoh, Kevser & Seyma v. Gazi Osman Pasa Moschee, Ibrahim v. Yeni Camii, Micha, Martha, Christian, Hartmut v. Zum Heinzelman, Nilay v. Schule des Lebens, Roberto v. Villa Rixdorf, Rolf v. Cafe Dritter Raum, Gustav Schöne, Zum Elefanten, Spirituosenladen Sommerfeld

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