The World of Sarah Perfect (2013)

Installation exhibition about domestic violence from children’s perspectives

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Sarah, who is hunted by the “Cloud of fights” of her parental home and is in need of help.
Theater makers, teachers and pupils come together to work creatively on the topics of (un)happiness, borders and (domestic) violence during the Project Week of the primary school Schule Eins in Berlin-Pankow. The center of the collaboration is to figure out how to make Sarah’s story and her fragile world alive from children’s perspective as well as how to help her.

Exhibition: 15.-16.06.2013
@Frauentreffpunkt Schmiede

Artistic Direction Chang | Scenic Design Christin Vahl | Dramaturgy & Blog Documentation Michael Wäser | Illustration Book Erika Kronabitter | Pedagogical Support Gundula Wirth | Technical Support Michael Tibes

We would like to give our special thanks to the supporters of this project – Charlotte Marr, Birgit Rietzler, Ursular und Karl-Wilhelm Sieben, Friedrich Paul Emanuel H von Loe, A. von Loe, Dr. Wessel von Loe, Gabriele von Loe and other anonymous donors over

A SdF Project in collaboration with

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