Hamlet. A Female Has-Been (2008)

“Hamlet. A Female Has-been” is an 18-minute solo performance, based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Brecht’s “vom ertrunkenen M├Ądchen”. Madness, betrayal and loss mix up in a female body, which tells the stories of the others. Who is the subject of this body? Hamlet? Ophelia? Polonius? Laertes? Gertrud? Or the crowd? This piece reflects Hamlet’s question about being, in which Ophelia’s non-existence becomes the only remaining subject.

Premiere: 15.11.2008 @NaTO, Leipzig

Concept, Direction and Music Chang Nai Wen | Performance Yvette Coetzee | Dramaturgy and Light Stine Hertel | Music Michael Tibes

A Sisyphos, der Flugelefant Production in collaboration with the international Theater Directors’ Festival in Leipzig

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