Sarah and the Cloud (2013)

Sound-Video-Installation about domestic violence from children’s perspectives

Sarah has a secret which she is not supposed to tell. What could it be? Shall it be kept or told?

The SdF-Team invites the Class 3C of SchuleEins in Pankow to create Sarah’s inner voices based on images from Erika Kronabitter’s illustration book “Sarah and the Cloud”. Visitors enter the world of little Sarah through sounds and images and are invited to tell their story about Sarah.

Premiere: 28.02.2013
@EXPAT EXPO Festival / English Theatre Berlin

Klang & Video Chang Nai Wen | Ausstattung Christin Vahl | Dramaturgie Michael Wäser | Pädagogische Beratung Gundula Wirth | Technik Michael Tibes

We would like to thank the supporters of this project: Charlotte Marr, Birgit Rietzler, Ursular und Karl-Wilhelm Sieben, Friedrich Paul Emanuel H von Loe, A. von Loe, Dr. Wessel von Loe, Gabriele von Loe and other anonymous donors over!

A SdF Projekt in collaboration with

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