Play (2009)

A beckettish Game without Beckett

Time: hic et nunc
Place: Room
With People, who are incapable of being Nihilists

A room, a game, different people. Movements arisen from these three factors give each person the opportunity to become the owner of an image, a form or an experience. Inspired by the spirit of Beckett’s plays, the rules of the game are to give space for snapshots that reinvent themselves. The performance becomes a process, which understands the content and form as blanks, that are filled and emptied again and again.

Premiere: 02.03.2009 @LOFFT, Leipzig

Concept Sisyphos, der Flugelefant (Chang & Hertel) | Performance Development and Direction Chang Nai Wen | Performance Development, Dramaturgy and Light Stine Hertel | Performance and Development Sabine Lämmel, Sandy Sanne-Weber, Cornelius Danneberg, Christian Backhauss | Sound-, Video- and Robot-Design Michael Tibes | Assistance Jonas Priese

  A Sisyphos, der Flugelefant Production in collaboration with Werkstattmacher e.V. and LOFFT.Leipzig

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